Beginner’s BJJ Class


Carlson Gracie Essex is pleased to announce that from Tuesday 17th July a new Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Beginners class will be added to the current timetable at SD Martial Arts, Colchester.

•     Classes will be every Tuesday 18:30-19:30

The beginners programme will be focussed on teaching the fundamentals of Jiu-jitsu at a pace and intensity appropriate for the complete novice.

Classes will also be suitable for those currently training other martial arts who wish to learn the ground aspect of fighting.  These classes will also be an excellent introduction for those wishing to train a martial art for the first time and to prepare aspiring BJJ practitioners for more advanced training.

You can train BJJ to:

•        Get in shape

•        Reduce stress

•        Have fun

•        Acquire a new skill

•        Learn to defend yourself


“I am a 44 year old child protection social worker with 4 children and a grandchild. I have not done any exercise for 10 years. I began BJJ 3 months ago and I attend 2 private sessions a week with Alain Pozo as I am unable to get to the classes.

It was a little scary going to the gym as I imagined it being full of super fit people with big egos to match. Of course there are many very fit people; however I couldn’t have been more wrong as it turned out to be a friendly and welcoming place.

My fitness levels have increased so much and I am feeling more confident. I am eating healthily and I have lost a stone in weight and 3 inches off my waist, hips and thighs. I have a stressful job but when I leave my sessions I feel distressed and happy.

BJJ has changed my life and I have definitely got the BJJ bug, I would go every day if I could. I would recommend BJJ to anybody of any age, fitness level or background, just take the plunge, you won’t regret it. I would also recommend Alain as he is a fantastic trainer!”  Tracey


 “4.5 months ago I made one of the best decisions in my fitness life and that decision was to start Brazilian Jujitsu (BJJ). If someone would have told me that it would start to develop into a lifestyle I would have doubted them. However almost 5 months on it has become a big part of my life and helped me to focus on areas in life; like training hard, diet, conditioning, pushing myself and weight loss. During the time I have been training BJJ I have lost a total of 9 kilos!

 From day one head coach Alain Pozo makes you feel like one of the team, and its his passion for the BJJ lifestyle that translates through to his technical, coaching and conditioning knowledge. Unlike some martial arts I have trained in before there is little room for ego or attitude in classes, and the camaraderie between the students is what helps to push yourself when you feel you’ve got nothing left in the tank, makes you want to eat well and live well. It’s not often you find environments in life where everyone around you wants to better their previous performance but at Carlson Gracie Essex it’s clear to see.” David

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